Medical Massage


Medical massage incorporates several methods of hands-on, low-force techniques that target restrictions and pain mostly in the soft tissues of the body. It improves quality of life, controls post-operative or post-procedural pain and stress, and supports mobility as well as functional recovery after injury, trauma, or surgery.

Research from many medical disciplines, including osteopathic medicine, affirm the scientific effectiveness of integrative approaches like myofascial palpation & massage. It has been proven to treat pain, digestive problems, immune dysfunction, fatigue, and a variety of other conditions.

Techniques Included

• Swedish Massage

• Myofascial Release (Indirect)

• Strain / Counterstrain and Fascial Ligamentous Release

• Manual Therapy Approaches Designed

to Improve Lymphatic Flow

• Manual Therapy for the Acutely Ill

Hospitalized Patient

• Manual Therapy Modalities Specifically

for Cats

• Manual Therapy for Geriatric Patients

• Manual Therapy for Pediatric Patients

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